New, Innovational, Gainful Social Network
New, Innovational, Gainful Social Network

About Us Last Update: 2018-07-01

What we eat?

We like to eat. We cook our meals in our office.

Our favorite meals are, liver with bulgur, chicken drumstick with black pepper, haricot soup and rice pilaf.

On the break time we like to eat Cicibebe and chocolate waffle with Turkish coffee.

What we Drink?

We usually start to day with Turkish Coffee. Also, always you can find tea and instant coffee in our office.

What we do?

We develop software, develop software and develop software ...

Who are we?

We are a group of excited people who have some ideas to design the future of technology.

We have some interesting ideas about gamification, e-commerce, social media, artificial intelligence and data management in business. We are conducting some small studies to pass these ideas to life.